The Fisher King

We got just over an inch of snow this morning, and I was home for the day due to a doctor’s appointment. When I went into the backyard with the dog, I immediately noticed some fox tracks coming from behind my shed towards the road, and then returning from the road back around the other side of the shed.

Fox Tracks

Fox Tracks

Fox tracks are easy to identify because they are almost always in a nearly straight line.

I then took the opportunity to check the trail camera. I was excited that there were fresh deer tracks right in front of the camera, but I was surprised that there were only two sets of tracks, what appeared to be a doe and a skipper.

Doe and Skipper Tracks

Doe and Skipper Tracks

Why had they separated from the heard that came by last week?

When I checked the camera, there were 37 videos:

  • 4 of animals walking behind the camera in the dark (the sound set off the camera)
  • 1 of the doe and skipper
  • 1 of me checking the camera
  • 1 of blue jays, including one that landed on the camera and shook it
  • all the rest were of gray squirrels, except…
  • 1 of a fisher

Welcome to the neighborhood, Fisher King.

~ Tony


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