All Talk, No Action

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks weather-wise and wildlife-wise.

  • A few nights ago, a great horned owl was hooting behind our garage. I told my wife that they eat skunks, which would mean fewer skunks in the area to spray our dog. Also, our trail camera has picked up two cottontail rabbits regularly. I was hopeful that the owl would make an attempt for one of those rabbits within sight of the camera.
  • A few days ago, a small hawk (cooper’s? sharp-shinned?) swooped overhead twice while I was walking the dog.
  • Last week, I treed six turkeys while walking the dog. In the past, they’ve gone in the direction of our trail camera.
  • Two nights ago, a pack of coyotes woke us up howling at 2:30 AM. The sound was coming from the direction of our trail camera. We were hopeful that they would happen by it. I was at least hopeful that their howling would trigger the camera to record the sound.
  • Every day, we hear a red tailed hawk screech multiple times.

As I approached the camera this morning, the trail was loaded with fresh track and droppings. So imagine my surprise when I checked the camera and found only 17 videos even though it had been 12 days since I last checked it and we had seen and heard so much wildlife.

What were the videos?

  • A skunk! So much for that hopes for the owl. I didn’t both posting the video because it’s not a good one. He’s only on screen for about three seconds.
  • The sound of blue jays squawking set off the camera twice. This happens about once per week.
  • One video from when the sounds of a few song birds triggered the camera.
  • The wind.
  • A couple of videos where the animal that set off the camera had just walked by. This is a valuable lesson for me. I need take a page out of my dad’s playbook and position the camera to point down the main trail rather than being perpendicular to it. That way I’ll catch animals walking toward or away from the camera for a much longer time.
  • A few deer videos, but mostly just of a doe and a skipper, and they were all from Thursday.

That’s it. No coyote videos. No rabbit videos! No squirrel videos (I usually have several, but with the deep snow we had, it’s not too surprising that they weren’t near the camera.) No turkey videos (a little surprising) or owl videos (not surprising). I’m stunned that there were no rabbit videos. There are usually about four of those per week.

Here’s the only decent video. It’s of a doe and skipper walking away from our house just before sunset on Thursday; minutes before Michelle walked the dog.

I decided to pull the camera to take it to my dad’s house so he could look at that broken latch lock (which I surprisingly found on the ground) that I wrote about in my last post. When I come back from his house, I’ll put the camera back up pointing down the trail.

~ Tony


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