Back in Business

As you’ll remember from my Storm’s a Comin’ post, I snapped off the latch lock on my trail camera, which I thought might be a problem later this year when I move the camera closer to my stand site. Well, as I mentioned in All Talk, No Action, I took the camera to  my dad’s house to see whether he could help me repair it, and he did.

Gluing the Latch Lock

Gluing the Latch Lock

Given how bitterly cold it’s been so far, I’m being very careful with it.

Lousy Smarch Weather

Lousy Smarch Weather

But at least it looks good enough to deter someone who doesn’t realize that you could snap it off with the slightest tug, especially in cold weather.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks Can Be Deceiving

As promised at the end of my last post, I set the camera to point down the trail instead of perpendicular to it, in hopes of getting longer videos of animals walking toward the camera (or away from it) instead of passing quickly in front of it.

So how did it work? Not as well as I would have hoped, but not too badly. In one week, I got 32 videos, including one of raccoon walking perpendicular to the camera. He’s coming up from the river.

Again, I’m surprised by how few of those 32 videos were just of blowing leaves and branches, given that we’ve had ridiculously windy conditions of late. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 3 videos of me and Bear pruning branches in front of the camera
  • 1 raccoon
  • 3 rabbit videos, including a lengthy one of him hopping away from the camera
  • 7 squirrel videos (“They’re baaaack…”)
  • 6 videos of the leaves blowing in the wind
  • 2 videos of blue jays squawking
  • 5 videos where the camera was triggered by the sound of deer walking nearby, which were taken just before or after the…
  • 5 videos of that doe and skipper, but the skipper is at least a button buck. Based the size of his nubs, it looks like he’ll have at least big spikes by summer’s end.
    Judge for yourself:

As you can see, the camera didn’t trigger until the deer were right in front of it. I’m not sure why that is. Its sensitivity setting is set to Normal. I’m afraid that if I set it to High, it will take 1,000 videos of leaves blowing in the wind.

Like the video of the rabbit, I did get one lengthy  video of the button buck walking away from the camera down the trail.

All the deer videos were taken around 4:00 AM; some on Tuesday and some on Thursday, which is in line with Thursday’s moon phase; first quarter-3. It’s also an hour before I walk the dog, which puts Bear and me about 75 yards away from the camera. That’s within sight of it this time of year.

Side note: Michelle and I have heard the great horned owl calling on many of the calmer nights in the past week, but still no sign of him hunting those rabbits on the camera.

~ Tony


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